In this series of works, "Rishum Be'barzel" (literally: "Iron Drawing", or "Drawn in iron"), displays Mr. Zeev Klein works of a technique which is unique to him, and which 

has emerged from his knowledge in drawing and his passion to subdue and mold the iron to his will.

Matter is reduced to mere outline, six millimeters thick. Zeev Bends and twists the iron carefully but determinedly, what keeps the line whole. The iron sculpture is reduced to line - area relations. Zeev creates an abstraction and reduction of his scene into one line: the skillfully bent iron outlines motion, directionality, and harmony.

The sculptor creates a continuous line, which bends and turns as if engaged in a love-making dance with itself, stroke-like. The images effected, are characterised with emotionality, sometimes to the verge of delicate eroticism.

However, Zeev does not stop at iron-lines. His free sculptures he attaches, with iron spacings, to a wooden background, creating a hovering relief, as a negative space, granting a light/shadow game transferred from the iron to the bedding. When the work reaches its permanent place, it can be detached from the wood bedding and attached to the wall, so that it hovers in the space of the room.

At 2002, Zeev has presented two artworks of this technique at "Israel Museum, Jerusalem" as part of the group presentation "Local Pictures", curated by Susan Landau. Landau has called his works "two dimensional sculpturing". Since that presentation, Zeev has been dedicating himself to creation itself, exhibiting at group presentations from time to time. Oמ March 2011, Zeev had a solo presentation at Egozi Gallery, Tel Aviv.

Nurit Tal-Tana, curator of the exhibition